Forensic Placements

We have a long history of working with individuals with a forensic history, particularly those on S37/41.  We understand the complexities and legalities involved in their placement within the community.  We assess risk and ensure that we work in a way that promotes independence, with ongoing monitoring  and management of the identified risks.

We have supported individuals conditionally discharged from secure units or prison into our 24 hour supported living schemes. With skillful support from our team, working closely with the forensic outreach service,  and probation services, we have enabled some to move into their own council flat.  For many individuals with a forensic history they may be suspicious of health and social care professionals and when discharged into the community, they reluctantly engage with services.  We have demonstrated that we genuinely care about their well being and future and that it is not just a job. Hence we our team has developed excellent working relationships and good communication with all our past and current forensic clients.

We can support an individual to move from our 24hour supported living accommodation into our semi independent scheme.  This is with a view to maximising independence and ensuring that an individual is ready and mentally able to cope with the pressures of living more independently.

If you want a provider that has a proven track record of successfully working with individuals with a forensic history, please contact us.

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