We will use this page to keep you up to date with things which are happening in the organisation.

July 2018 – This has been a lovely month and the weather has been amazing.  We have started looking at travelling to Jamaica.  The tenants have also been looking after the garden and the new plants and flowers.  We can not wait to organise the party.  Our Service Manager will also be coming back soon from maternity leave.   She is now working in an operational role within the company, but we will still see her regularly.  We are also preparing for our Headway reaccreditation at both Ingleton Road and Laban Villa.  All in all a lot is happening, keeping everyone busy.

June 2018 – The garden is finished and looks amazing.  It has a wheel chair accessible ramp.  Everyone has been really excited and tenants and staff are looking forward to using it.  Unfortunately we cant organise any parties for a while as the grass needs to settle. 🙁 We will try to do one soon though as the weather has been so beautiful.  We have welcomed some new staff to the team and look forward to getting to know them better.

24th May 2018 – We have been working hard to ensure we are compliant with the new legislation around GDPR.  If you would like a copy of our updated privacy policy please contact

You can also access it at

April 2018 – We are preparing for works to start in the garden at Ingleton Road, so we are looking forward to the transformation.  We also welcomed some new staff and are looking forward to working along with them.  We are continuing to work hard and everyone is getting excited with the potential plans for the summer.  Photos will follow.

March 2018 – So the weather has still been very weird! Why are we still having snow.  We have been having fun though.  We had some excellent lunches out and trips to the cinema.  We are getting ready for the warmer weather and now the clocks have gone back.  We are also preparing for our Headway visit and so we are really busy.  We have some new staff starting and so will be welcoming them in the coming weeks.  They are really eager to join our fantastic team and getting to know everyone.  We will keep you updated. Until next month when hopefully it will be warmer, take care.

February 2018 – This month was a very cold month with more snow.  We had to cancel a few activities to ensure we were all safe.  We will have to rebook them when the weather gets better.   We are also still planning further out trip to Centre Parks and looking forward to it.  We are planning for this in June/ July, so we are really excited.

December 2017/ January 2018 – New year means new goals and objectives.  All enjoyed the holiday period and spending time at home with friends and family.  We had some nice dinners and trips out.  Although it was cold, we enjoyed the weather together.  We are looking forward to the new year and have lots of plans for the coming months.  We have started planning our trip to Centre Parks.  So we will keep all updated with the preparations.

November 2017 – We will start recruiting in the coming months.  The service is developing so well and expanding we will be looking for new staff.  The tenants have been busy as usual, trips out and sunday rehan group meetings have been going well.

October 2017 – We got the report from Headway this month and are pleased with the comments.  The staff team have been working hard to ensure they may each day special for the people we work with.

September 2017 – We had an unannounced inspection for Ingleton Road and Laban Villa which went well.  We are happy that we will continue to have our Headway Approved Provider status at all schemes.  We appreciated as always the good feedback we received.  Well done to all the team.

August 2017 – This has been a busy month, so many summer activties.  We went to a few festivals locally, had some inhouse BBQ’s and days out.  We made the most of the weather and created some beautiful memories.  Some of the tenants are also preparing to start college next month, so lots more interesting things to do.  We will keep you updated.  We are also pleased that our trial with the Goal Attainement Scoring (GAS) has gone well and we are going to be rolling this out in the whole organisation.

July 2017 – We have been preparing for our reassessment from Headways this month.  We can’t wait for them to come and see all the hard work we have been doing at our Laban Villa and Ingleton Road schemes.  We currently do not have any vacancies, but have a waiting list for our brain injury service.  This is down to our service becoming very popular due to the sucessful rehab and re-enablement work we are doing with people.  Wea re very proud of what we do.

June 2017 – Time flies when your having fun.  So this month we had lots of fun and the month has flown by.  We were out for dinners, cinema, walks.  Our weekly Brain Injury Group is going well and tenants have said they really enjoy doing the exercises together.  Many have been very relfective about how they have changed since their brain injury and how well they have been doing.  We want to say “Well Done”.

May 2017 – What a busy month.  We had the Brain Injury Action lunch on 14th May.  Everybody had a fab time and  enjoyed their lunch.  Our tenants also talked about how their Brain Injury had impacted them and were very open.  Tenants gave very positive feedback on their experiences of the support provided by PIL, so we want to commend the staff team for their hard work.

We also had some fun trips out to the Cinema and Resturants.  Headway East London had a dinner which some of the tenants attended and enjoyed.  One of our tenants also went on holiday with family for some sun, to a lovely warm climate.

The weather is hotting up so we are planning some trips over the summer, Brighton and France have already been suggested.  So we have started the planning…..

April 2017 – We are happy to say we have achieved the approved provider status at Angel Villa.  This is again another proof of our good work and the efforts.  The past two months have really helped us to see how valuable others find our work.  We will strive to move forward to keep on developing and improving our practice.


March 2017 – We had a busy month.  Headway came to visit our Angel Villa scheme and carry out our approved provider assessment.  We had a very good day and thank them for their comments.  We look forward to finding out the outcome of the visit.

We also received our  CQC report which was great.  We were awarded GOOD again.  We are really happy for all the effort that has been made by staff, our tenants and families for their contribution.  We recognise that all have contributed to the success of Paradise Independent Living (PIL) achieiving this rating.

February 2017 – We had our CQC inspection this month.  All went really well and we received great feedback.  We look forward to receiving our report, which highlights all the valuable work which is being done.  The tenants really enjoyed speaking with the Expert By Experience who also was able to draw out how they felt about the support they were receiving.  We have our Angel Villa Headway Visit booked for next month, so we will keep you updated.

January 2017 – The new year bought lots of excitment.  We went to Centre Parks at the end of the month.  The tenants really had fun and we went bowling and out walking.  We also went to the disco a few times and had a dance.  It was a nice week away.  We have also submitted our documentation for the Headway accreditation at Angel Villa.  So we will wait for the date for the visit.

December 2016 – This was a busy month for many.  Planning holidays and time with family.  We also had our tenants dinner, which all enjoyed.  They developed the menu and some tenants decided to stay with us rather than go home to family!  We were also preparing for our accreditation with Headway at our Angel Villa scheme.  Lots of work so we will keep you updated.

November 2016 – This has been a busy month, making plans for the holidayto Centre Parcs and our family day.  Our family day was a hit again.  Everyone really enjoyed themselves.  The music, dancing and food.  Everybody was excited to be there and enjoyed good company.

The Boat trip was also a hit and the tenants really enjoyed it.  It was a great experience and they have said they would like to do it again in the summer.

We have also been sorting out our activity room.  The tenants have been deciding what activities they would like to do.  We will keep you updated.  If you have any suggestions please let us know.

October 2016 – We are finally settled into the new office.  We want to thank everyone for their contribution to helping us settle in.  Lots of hard work lifting a carrying boxes.  You are welcome to visit and a a peek.  Everyone has been complimenting us on how nice it looks.

We also welcomed a new tenant.  We look forward to getting to know him better.

We have also been liasing with ZAG for our Boat Trip next month so we will let you know how it goes.  Looks very exciting.  Should be taking place on 8th November.

We went to the cinema again and some tenants have really been enjoying the gym. We have a few lunches out and had some lovely meals.  Tenants especially enjoyed a meal at an Irish Pub and an American Dinner.

We also have a family day planned for 6th November, so we welcome everyone to come and visit.  Everybody really likes the food and socialising.  We are also starting to plan our holiday to Centre Parcs for January 2017.  We will keep you updated on this.  Until next month. 😉 

September 2016 – We have started sorting out the new office! So much work. Getting ready to move.   We never realised how much paper we had stored!  We also have the reports from Headway and will be sending out a summary letter soon.  If you would like a copy please contact the office for it.

We had some great trips planned during this month.  A visit to the English Carvery, Golfing, bus tour and cinema.  Some tenants have also requested to go to the gym as a group.  This is being organised each week to keep us all fit and healthy.  Many tenants have expressed their appreciation for the support and help them have received from staff this month which makes us feel really proud of the work we have been doing.  Well done everybody.  We are also starting to organise our holiday to Centre Parcs, so we will be sending out letters soon.

Two of our managers also attended the conference “Innovations in clinical practice”.  This was an excellent conference which looked at how brain injury rehab was being carried out throughout the world. We got some great ideas!  Some staff also attending the training at the Royal Hospital of Disability on Challenging Behaviour which they found very helpful.  There was also some great reminders for us.

We also had a party to say bye to one of our office staff.  There was lot of food and fun.  The tenants loved it.  We wish him all the best, he will be greatly missed, especially when we have problems with the PC!

August 2016 – The holiday period has been very fun.  We have been out and about locally and further out.  Cinema, ZAG centre, dinners and lunches out.  We are also have some refurbishment work done as our main office will be moving.  We will keep you up to date about this.  We are still waiting for our Headway report, but will send you a summary as soon as we get it.

July 2016 – Our visit from Headway went very well.  We are pleased to announce we have been awarded the Approved Provider status at our Laban Villa and Ingleton Road scheme.  Once we get the full report back we will send out a summary.  This was a busy month with all the preparations.  This is the second time we have been awarded it at our Ingleton Road scheme, so we are so excited!  Our garden at Laban Villa is also finished and looking lovely!  We have all enjoyed sitting outside.



June 2016 – We had another day with family and friends this month at Ingleton Road.  Everyone was so excited.  We danced and had lots of good food.  We will be organising another one after Ramadan next month.  We are also preparing for our Headway Approved Providers assessment for our Ingleton Road and Laban Villa schemes.  We have sent out some questionnaires on behalf of Headway, so we would like them to be sent direct to Headway.  We are also looking at remodelling our garden at Laban Villa and it will be looking nice, this decision was based on feedback we got from our tenants and others.  We are also exploring moving our office, so we will keep you updated on this.  We will also be sending out some information.  We will keep you updated on how things go.

May 2016 – We had a great family day at both Ingleton Road and Laban Villa.  Lots of the tenants and staff’s families came and we danced, listened to music and played some games.  We have decided to organise another one next month on we will be in contact with the details.  We also have been workng out our plans for the summer, so if you have any ideas let us know.  We also have some  other great news, we are going to work towards getting the accreditation for the Headway Approved Provider Scheme at our Laban Villa house.  We will start completing the paperwork next month.  We are also due an assessment at our Ingleton Road house, shortly, so we will keep you updated with the outcome for this.  We also appreciate any feedback you can give us, we are always looking for ways to improve. We had a new support worker start and you will meet him when you visit the houses over the coming months.  We look forward to using his skills in the staff team.  Some staff attended training with the Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability on Challenging Behaviour and found it very useful.  Anyway until next month, take care.

April 2016 – What a busy month.  Lots has been happening.  We have been out  Bowling for a “friendly comptetition”.  We also went for a Carvery lunch.  We cant wait to go back there, we had such a lovely time.  We had our movie nights inhouse and watched some films, the food was lovely too.  Next month on 1st May we will be having our Family Day.  All the families of staff and people who use our service will have afternoon lunch with music and dancing! Please try and come. We cant wait for it.  We will be trying out our new cameras, so we should have some pictures!!  We are still chasing up those surveys!!!!

March 2016 – We want to say a Big Thank you for the surveys which have been completed.  We appreciate that it has been busy and thank you for making the time to feedback to us what you think of what we have been doing.  Our tenants also gave feedback.  This has been really helpful.  Many said that they felt respected by staff and that staff cared for them.  They also said that they felt if they had a problem they would talk with staff.  This is really great to hear as our main objective is to make sure our tenants feel happy and safe within their home and are engaging in meaningful activities.  For all the professionals please can you try and send back your surveys as soon as possible.  We will be chasing you all up!!!! You should get a phone call soon.  Once we have as many back as possible we will summarise the findings.  We also held some more interviews and will be offering positions for support workers.  We will give you more information soon, but we look forward to welcoming them to our team.

February 2016 – We welcomed the new staff.  They have lots of work to do and will be getting to know us.  They are looking forward to the challenge.  We also have been trying to chase up the surveys from professionals and familes this month.  Please send these back if you have one, they are very important and invaluable to us.

January 2016 – New year new challenges!  Plus its freezing!   We are waiting to get the feedback from the surveys sent out.  Once we get them back we will analyse them and give you some feedback.

We also have some new staff starting next month.  A Compliance Manager who comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge.  They will be helping us further improve our service and ensure we are working to the highest standard possible.  We also have a new Rehabilitation Worker starting who really has a passion to make a difference in people’s lives.  We look forward to using their skills.

December 2015 – A small group of staff and tenants went to Centre Parks for a week. They had a fantastic time and took lots of pictures.  We also sent out staff and carers and professionals’ surveys.  We do appreciate your feedback, so please try to make sure you send them back.

Over the holiday period although many people went away, we had a lovely feast and spent time together playing music and games and having a laugh.  We are looking forward to what the new year holds for us.

November 2015 – Just a few more days until Centre Parks! We cant wait.  We are also looking at running some training sessions in conjunction with our local Headway for our clients.  We will keep you updated on this.  Two senior members of staff attended the UKABIF’s 7th Annual Conference held on 11th November 2015.  This was a fantastic way to keep up to date with the latest practice and see how we can develop our service further.

Laban Villa also reopened this month and we immediately had one of our wheelchair accessible rooms snapped up.  All the clients are happy and said they really like it.

October 2015 – We have started planning our trip to Centre Parks.  Everybody is getting excited.  Tenants and staff are looking forward to the swimming, bowling, top golf and other activities they get involved in.  We will be putting some pictures up soon.  We also received the outcome of our assessment for Headway and are happy to let you all know we have retained our approved provider status.  This is great news.  Some suggestions were made on how we could further develop our service, which the staff team will work on implementing.  We have been refining our support planning documentation and working on it being even more person- centred.  Our manager also attended a Goal Attainment Scoring Workshop which she found very helpful in defining further how we can measure outcomes for the people we support.  Lets see how we can put this into practice.  The  next few months will be very busy.

September 2015 – This month we had an unannounced visit from Headway at our Ingleton Road Scheme where we have the Approved Provider status.  The assessor looked at whether we continued to meet the standards for the scheme.  The staff on duty did an excellent job showing the work we have been doing and the improvements we have made in our service.  It really highlighted the excellent team work and the commitment of the staff team to do their job to a high standard.  We await the report!  We also have some work going on at our Laban Villa scheme.  This is being adapted to allow wheel chair access to the ground floor.  Its look lovely and we can’t wait until all the work is finished.

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