Statement of Purpose

Extracts from our Statement of Purpose

Purpose of this document

This documents summaries basic information about Paradise Independent Living’s (PIL) services and organisation.¬† It is intended as a resource for service users, their relatives and health and social care professionals.¬† The intention is to enable all stakeholders to make an informed choice as to whether our organisation can meet potential service users needs.


Our aim is to equip our clients with the knowledge, skills and ability, to take as fuller control of their lives as possible: thereby enabling them to feel more fulfilled in life through the range of opportunities offered.

Principles of Service Delivery

PIL values each service user as an individual and recognises their potential and human rights by the way our services are provided to them.

Our Objective is to:

  • tackle some of the problems faced by vulnerable adults with special needs, leaving residential care or hospitals and transferring to supported living services,
  • assist our clients to develop their own individualised care and support plan,
  • to enable vulnerable adults to develop their confidence and maintain their dignity, by retaining control of the care and support services they receive,
  • empower our clients by enabling them to choose their support workers,
  • involve users of our service in the recruitment and selection of staff,
  • establish and maintain effective lines of communication and joint working relationships¬† with the referring agencies and relevant health and social care teams

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