The need for a high level of entertainment and recreational pursuits has been identified as an important aspect of our work with individuals. All are encouraged to develop new or existing areas of interest, inside and outside their home. “You tell us what your interests are and we will help you find something that is satisfying and rewarding to do!

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Education & Vocational training

Education and training is an important aspect of promoting an independent life style.  Without exception everyone is encouraged and assisted to access a range of educational and occupational activities. “You tell us about your future ambitions and aspirations, we will provide every conceivable opportunity for you to try and achieve these!”


Overseas Holidays
Many of our tenants have never travelled abroad, prior to being placed with us. We therefore offer them the opportunity to go on group or individual holidays to any country they desire. Hence, some of our tenants have travelled to America, Caribbean and Europe as a group, whilst some individuals have developed the confidence to travel alone to visit family and friends in Europe and Ireland.“You tell us where you want to go and we will help you plan your trip and budget to get there!”

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