Client Group

Initial referrals are primarily targeted at  individuals who require some level of supported living accommodation and care and support services.  The majority of our past and present service users are people whose needs are complex and or high risk.

Client Group

Over the years we have rehabilitated people with one or more of the following conditions or problems:

  • Acquired Brain injury- main client group
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Mental Health Needs
  • Aspergers Syndrome
  • Learning disabilities

Current Client Group Needs

These are some of the differing needs of our existing clients. They may require:

  • supervision to comply with their medication
  • help with rebuilding and sustaining daily living and social skills
  • programme of inhouse and external activities to minimise boredom and isolation
  • support to engage in therapetic interventions
  • support to attend specialist day care services
  • supervision and support with personal care issues
  • assistance with meal preparation and supervision whilst eating
  • assistance to manage their challenging behaviour and complex needs
  • supervision because of being vulnerable to exploitation from others
  • assistance to participate in community activities
  • assistance to identify and enrol on college or training courses
  • support and befriending¬† to reduce social isolation when living alone
  • assistance to claim and manage their benefits
  • support to register and attend appointments with primary care services
  • escorting to appointments, shopping and recreational activities
  • support to organise holidays and trips

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