Previous service user – ” Thank you so much for the support and care you have shown me whilst on my journey.  When I was wrongly recalled your staff showed more support than my team and for that I saw you were genuine and not just working for a salary.”

Current service user– “At last I have found support based accommodation that fulfills my expectations. Paradise Homes through their consistent caring approach have helped me gain confidence and independence. Although I still have low moods I truly feel that I am over the worst that life has to offer. Roll on Paradise Homes!”

Current service user– “Paradise Homes is a good place to live because you have a nice home and the staff are nice.”

Carers– “As the parents of our 25 year old son who sadly suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, we were very impressed with the care that was shown to him at Paradise homes. He improved enough to return to our family home, thanks to the care and dedication of the staff and management. Their professional approach to his care left us feeling comfortable with his living with them, they showed him friendship and compassion in a way that I cannot thank them enough.“

Carer (sister)– “This is the best place T. has ever been, he has been to a number of places and this is the most homely.”

Carer (mother)– “J would not be alive if it wasn’t for Paradise Homes. Paradise Homes has given J. a chance to live independently. There is no other place for J.”

Care co-ordinator – “From my experience Paradise Homes is one of the best supported housing providers in the borough.“

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