Paradise Independent Living (PIL) is a Supported Living Provider registered with the CARE QUALITY COMMISSION (CQC).  We are a family run organisation and have been providing care and support with accommodation since 1998.  Our accommodation and services are located in the North London Borough of Enfield.

We aim to provide caring and responsive services. Our December 2019 CQC inspection report shows we have achieved this goal. Please read feedback from our customers, their relatives and health & social care professionals which is recorded in the report:

• People and their relatives spoke positively about the care they received and indicated positive caring relationships had developed between people and support workers. People told us “Staff are very caring, dedicated. They always go the extra mile” and “Staff are kind, always there for me. This is my second family now.”
• People’s equality and diversity needs were detailed in their care plans and met. A person told us they regularly went to their place of worship every week and was supported with their dietary requirements in accordance with their culture. A relative told us “They understand [person’s] cultural needs and they respond appropriately.”

• People spoke positively about the service they received which met their needs and preferences. A person told us “I am so happy living here. It is unbelievable! Staff care about me and I am very content.” Another person told us “I’ve been to a number of places; this place is the only one where the staff are perfect.”
• We received positive feedback from a healthcare professional who told us the service was very responsive and sensitive to people’ needs. They also told us the service had been very holistic in tailoring their care and shown a high level of knowledge of how to support people with a brain injury and complex cognitive and behavioural impairments.

You can read the full report in detail by clicking on the link:  http://www.cqc.org.uk/directory/1-145946364

In addition to CQC registration, we are also accredited by Headway Brain Injury Association.

Headway undertake annual inspections of our accommodation and services. Presently, all our accommodation and the services have achieved and maintained accreditation. We are one of the few supported living providers, in London to achieve this much sought after accreditation in recognition of our excellent work and successes with rehabilitating people with an acquired brain injury service users.

After 3 years in hospital, I can now shop alone

I enjoy gardening again

Our services come highly recommended by CCGs Continuing Care Teams, Social Workers, Carers and other health and social care professionals and referral agencies, who continue to work with our organisation. The services are managed by a highly experienced  manager who is  professionally qualified in the management of brain injury care. She has also worked with CQC as an Inspector. The service is delivered by a highly skilled staff team who receive ongoing training in all  aspects of caring for individuals with an acquired brain injury.

Our main client group is adults at risk, with an acquired brain injury.  The service is tailored to the needs of each individual, hence we can adapt our care and support service to meet the needs and wishes of each customer. Whenever possible, we also adapt our accommodation to meet the physical needs of individuals. Hence we can accommodate wheelchair users.

We also work with individuals who have mental health problems, behaviour that challenges and substance misuse problems . Some of our clients also have a diagnoses including aspergers syndrome and learning disabilities.  We support adults at risk with an age range of 18-65.

CQC rating requires improvement

Click on any of the pictures below to get further information about how we work with each client group.

Acquired Brain Injury - We offer an intentive brain injury rehab and renablement programme. We have 24hour and semi independent facilities

Acquired Brain Injury

We offer an intensive and effective brain injury rehabilitation/enablement programme. We have 24 hour supported accommodation and semi independent schemes

Mental Health – We have expertise in working with individuals with challenging mental health needs, including those with a forensic history.

Mental Health

We have a proven expertise in working with high risk individuals with challenging behaviour, including those with a forensic history.

Aspergers Syndrome – Many people with an aspergers syndrome diagnosis struggle with social relationships, communication and abstract thinking and imagination

Aspergers Syndrome Many people with an aspergers syndrome diagnosis struggle with social relationships, communication and abstract thinking and imagination.

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities
We work to ensure that support is given to ensure community integration for individuals with a learning disability.

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