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Our Client Group

Our primary client group is adult males with an acquired brain injury. Referrals are accepted for individuals who require some level of supported living accommodation and care and support services.  The majority of our past and present service users are people whose needs are complex and or high risk.

Current Client Group Needs

These are some of the differing needs of our existing clients. They may require:

  • supervision to comply with their medication

  • help with rebuilding and sustaining daily living and social skills

  • programme of inhouse and external activities to minimise boredom and isolation

  • support to engage in therapetic interventions

  • support to attend specialist day care services

  • supervision and support with personal care issues

  • assistance with meal preparation and supervision whilst eating

  • assistance to manage their challenging behaviour and complex needs

  • supervision because of being vulnerable to exploitation from others

  • assistance to participate in community activities

  • assistance to identify and enrol on college or training courses

  • support and befriending  to reduce social isolation when living alone

  • assistance to claim and manage their benefits

  • support to register and attend appointments with primary care services

  • escorting to appointments, shopping and recreational activities

  • support to organise holidays and trips

Headway Accreditation

Headway Brain Injury Association is a national charitable organisation that is at the fore front of work, to improve the lives of people whom have suffered a brain injury. They work with other organisations to assist them to develop responsive services that meet the needs of people with a brain injury

Headway has developed their Approved Provider scheme, an accreditation scheme open to providers specialising in acquired brain injury (ABI).

Our services have been assessed against standards devised by Headway to ensure we provide appropriate specialist care for brain injury survivors with complex physical and cognitive impairment. We have successfully achieved “Approved Provider Accreditation”

Approved Care Providers

Approved Provider logo 2023 - 2025.jpg

Headway undertake annual inspections of our accommodation and services. Presently, accreditation has been given to three of our schemes. Accreditation will shortly be sought for our newest accommodation.

We are one of the few supported living providers, in London to achieve this much sought after accreditation in recognition of our excellent work and successes with rehabilitating people with an acquired brain injury.


We received positive feedback from a healthcare professional who told us the service was very responsive and sensitive to people’ needs. They also told us the service had been very holistic in tailoring their care and shown a high level of knowledge of how to support people with a brain injury and complex cognitive and behavioural impairments.

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