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Supported Living

Paradise Independent Living (PIL) supported living accommodation is primarily targeted at adults at risk with an acquired brain injury, between the ages of 18-65 years old. All have a tenancy agreement and a care contract. They are given the same rights as anyone living in their own accommodation.

The aim of  supported accommodation is to give individuals the opportunity to live as independently as possible with help from staff when needed. Our tenants make their own choices and lead their lives in the way they want to, whenever possible. All their needs and desires are reflected in personalised and holistic support plans.

Supported Living

Independence is so important. So living in a supported housing scheme, allows people to live in accommodation which is their own, where they feel safe in the knowledge that care or support is close at hand whenever the need help. The level of assistance is agreed from the outset with each individual. So no one tenant will be receiving exactly the same type of support.

They make individual choices about what and when they eat. What internal and external activities they undertake.

All our current supported living schemes are based in the North London Borough of Enfield. They are located within a  few minutes walking distance of each other. Hence the tenants live as part of the Paradise Community which creates opportunities for clients to make friends with each other.


All staff have undergone comprehensive training to meet the varying demands or our client group.  They are trained to deal with individuals with challenging behaviour and complex needs. Other training include understanding brain injury rehabilitation and psychological approaches in care provision. Throughout the year, staff attend a wide range of training and personal development courses to equip them to work effectively and professionally with our tenants.

  • Our 24hr accommodation have staff on-site all day, and either sleep-in or waking night staff.

  • Our semi-independent schemes are visited by outreach staff between the hours of 8am-8pm seven days a week. Tenants have access to out of hours on-call staff in emergencies.

Care & Support Plans

Each service user has an individually structured care and support plan with goals clearly identified and agreed.  We embrace individuality and the life choices of the people we are supporting “You tell us what you want and we will support you in achieving it!” 

The plan is drawn up by the service user in conjunction with the key worker and other professionals. 

Care and Support Plan Reviews 

Each service user has their support plan regularly reviewed. The review evaluates the progress of the placement, and adjusts the care and support plan if necessary. The tenants are encouraged to have an input into all stages of the review. Goals are set to ensure the tenant is progressing towards either independent accommodation or a more independent lifestyle. The aim is to gradually reduce the level of care and support over time.

Key Working

Paradise Independent Living ensures that service users have an identifiable key worker who, works in conjunction with the key professional from the referring agency and the other staff within our Independent Living Team. 

Move-on Accommodation 

Most tenants are encouraged to consider moving on to more independent accommodation as a goal. Many of our past service users achieved this, but we recognise this is not suitable for everyone.  Hence, we have developed schemes for tenants who are ready to step down to receive lower-level support.


We received positive feedback from a healthcare professional who told us the service was very responsive and sensitive to people’ needs. They also told us the service had been very holistic in tailoring their care and shown a high level of knowledge of how to support people with a brain injury and complex cognitive and behavioural impairments.

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