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Acquired Brain Injury

We provide specialist care and support services to individuals with an acquired brain injury.  Our model of working is guided by interventions and outcomes that Headway Brain Injury Association accredits. All staff members receive ongoing training in brain injury rehabilitation and interventions. 


We offer an intensive  and individualised brain injury rehabilitation programme, which helps each individual to maximise their potential through the redevelopment of impaired skills and abilities.  Where necessary, specialist neurological therapies are also provided as part of the care package.  Our customers can access neuro-physiotherapy,  neurological occupational therapy, psychotherapy, exercise therapy and complimentary therapy.

All our services are focused on the Person Centred Approach.  This means we aim to establish that the most holistic and appropriate range of care and support is provided. Hence each individual’s care and support plan helps them to identify their goals which encompass their social, psychological, spiritual, physical, cultural, educational and dietary needs. Throughout their placement, they are empowered at all times to identify the areas to work on and what they want to achieve from the care and support provided.  We strive to improve an individuals quality of life and to help them realise any areas where independence can be gained.

There is an expectation that all tenants will work towards maximising their social, domestic and interpersonal skills. We understand that this takes repeated effort, time, patience, care and kindness. The intention is to move our tenants on into a less supportive environment if and when they become fully equipped and able to manage.  Many have moved on from 24 hour support into semi-independent accommodation or their own flat.  Our staff are dedicated to working in this way and we have successfully helped individuals to drastically improve their quality of life.  Hence we repeatedly receive high levels of customer satisfaction from feedback  in surveys and placement reviews.

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Success Stories

We’ve had numerous positive outcomes as a result of our work.


One of our customers trained for the Paralymics in Brazil. We’ve enabled tenants to attend colleges and university. Another was assisted to build back their relationships with child and ex-partner, after his brain injury caused extremes in behaviour, including verbal and physical aggression. The work we  patiently undertook with him, helped him to come to terms with his disability. He was also aided in channelling his angry determination into determination to improve his mobility and life skills. In addition he received ongoing counselling and support around anger management. These input and a range of other neurological interventions helped him to dramatically improve his quality of life and feelings of well-being, hence he now enjoys improved relationships with those whom he comes into contact with. His care co-ordinator, once described the dramatic improvements as,  ” a real success story”.


We understand that many of our clients had a very active life before, moving in with us.  Therefore we understand it can be very difficult adjusting to relying on staff for support.  In view of this we strive to ensure where possible, individuals are able to continue with activities and relationships which they previously had.  We have seen how this approach has helped many to progress more quickly through our programme


We received positive feedback from a healthcare professional who told us the service was very responsive and sensitive to people’ needs. They also told us the service had been very holistic in tailoring their care and shown a high level of knowledge of how to support people with a brain injury and complex cognitive and behavioural impairments.

Headway Accreditation

Headway Brain Injury Association is a national charitable organisation that is at the fore front of work, to improve the lives of people whom have suffered a brain injury. They work with other organisations to assist them to develop responsive services that meet the needs of people with a brain injury

Headway has developed their Approved Provider scheme, an accreditation scheme open to providers specialising in acquired brain injury (ABI).

Our services have been assessed against standards devised by Headway to ensure we provide appropriate specialist care for brain injury survivors with complex physical and cognitive impairment. We have successfully achieved “Approved Provider Accreditation”

Approved Care Providers

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Headway undertake annual inspections of our accommodation and services. Presently, accreditation has been given to three of our schemes. Accreditation will shortly be sought for our newest accommodation.

We are one of the few supported living providers, in London to achieve this much sought after accreditation in recognition of our excellent work and successes with rehabilitating people with an acquired brain injury.

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